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  • Build a consistent understanding of what diversity and inclusion means and share that understanding across your organisation
  • Encourage senior leaders to champion the change, as the chances of making progress will be higher than when led by Human Resources alone
  • Develop a diversity strategy and action plan that aligns with organisational priorities and addresses specific company biases and practices that inhibit inclusion
  • Educate leaders on ways they can personally challenge unconscious bias and review recruitment policies to ensure achieving a diverse talent pool is part of the equation

If you’re committed to driving a greater focus on diversity in your organisation, you might be wondering where to start and what will make the greatest impact. How much time will it take? What can we achieve right now? There are four key steps required in order to get your diversity and inclusion initiatives underway.

A great place to start is by building a consistent understanding of what diversity and inclusion mean. Share that understanding across your organisation. 

We’re for more diverse and inclusive cultures

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