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  • Organisations making significant progress on gender equality and inclusion link diversity goals to specific commercial priorities
  • Setting visible gender targets to hold leaders accountable and actively sponsoring high-potential women through career development and sponsorship programs are other key strategies
  • The D&I leaders of BHP and NAB – two of Australia’s most well-known organisations – share what this looks like in practice

In Australia, we’re still a long way off from achieving more gender-balanced businesses and organisations in Australia. This inequality starts at the very beginning – women graduates start out earning less in 16 of 19 key industries. Few end up at the top of Australia’s biggest organisations. Only eleven of the ASX 200 companies are run by a woman and one-fifth of executive leadership positions are held by women.

But there are some notable companies shaking things up and making significant progress. They’re thinking big, making some bold moves. Some of these companies – like BHP and NAB – are undergoing substantive cultural change to achieve more diverse and inclusive work environments.

We’re for more diverse and inclusive cultures

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