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Our eLearning program, ‘Creating Value Through Diversity And Inclusion’ has been designed with the purpose of educating teams on the benefits of diversity and to provide practical tools for challenging unconscious bias in the workplace. It consists of three 8-minute learning modules, which can be purchased separately or together as a bundle. 

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Module One

Explore the value of diversity of background, thinking approaches, and the characteristics of an inclusive work culture

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Module Two

Build awareness and understanding of unconscious bias in the workplace

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Module Three

Learn practical strategies for tackling unconscious bias and how to create an inclusive and high-performing team culture

Our eLearning modules were developed in conjunction with Learning Seat, an award-winning provider and are optimised for mobile delivery.

There are multiple delivery options to choose from, including: 

  • Host the eLearning modules on your LMS
  • Access the eLearning modules from the Diversity Partners LMS using an API
  • Send the eLearning modules to employees via an email link
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Access discounted services from Australia’s leading diversity professionals.