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We offer a range of workshops to suit your needs. Using experiential learning techniques, we facilitate in a positive and constructive way, challenge traditional mindsets and engage the hearts and minds of leaders, managers and employees.

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Better Decision Making: Challenging Unconscious Bias

This workshop focuses on the importance of diversity of background (such as gender and culture) and diversity of thinking approaches for robust decision making. It is 2-2.5 hours in length.

This workshop is designed to:

  • Create high performance through leveraging the diversity of thinking, perspective and backgrounds of team members
  • Build understanding of unconscious bias and our reactions to difference in the workplace, and the impact these have on our decision making
  • Demonstrate the commercial value of creating an inclusive workplace that supports diversity
  • Develop new or modified leadership behaviours, practices and structural supports to maximise the benefits of diversity and create a more inclusive work environment
  • Help leaders create higher levels of psychological safety so people can speak up, provide different views, and bring their full selves to work

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Making Flexibility Work

This workshop helps leaders and employees to effectively implement flexible work practices.

The program provides action based case studies and tools for managers and employees to negotiate and implement flexible work practices successfully and is 2- 2.5 hours in length.

It’s designed to: 

  • Demonstrate the business value of flexible work practices
  • Challenge common assumptions or myths about flexible work
  • Develop inclusive leadership behaviours and practices to support flexibility
  • Provide a practical framework for and experience in negotiating flexible work arrangements
  • Develop ‘whole team’ flexibility solutions
  • Build a communication plan to support flexible work and manage stakeholder expectations

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Building Cultural Intelligence

This workshop supports cross-cultural collaboration by building the leadership competency required to effectively manage global teams. Practical skills are emphasised and this workshop is well suited for new managers of culturally diverse teams or as a refresher for experienced leaders. The workshop length is half a day.

This workshop is designed to:

  • Build understanding of the nine dimensions of culture
  • Explore ways to build ‘cultural bridges’ when working with people from differing cultural backgrounds
  • Leverage differing communication styles of people from diverse cultures
  • Develop strategies for overcoming potential difficulties in the multicultural workplace
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