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Bespoke Consultations

Every bespoke consultation is tailor-made to help progress your diversity and inclusion goals. We take the time to listen and use a range of discovery approaches to ensure we’re making recommendations that will take you in the right direction. 


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We offer a range of services that are customised to your organisation and business needs. These include:

  • Diversity and inclusion strategies and detailed action plans to achieve your objectives 
  • Inclusion and diversity dashboard creation
  • Advisory to flexibility strategies and policies
  • Design and facilitation of inclusion and diversity councils
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  • Assessment of talent management policies to minimise unconscious bias and widen the talent pipeline
  • Crafting diversity and inclusion communications plans
  • Inclusive Leadership 360 assessments and coaching
  • Coaching circles that provide high-potential women with practical skills, peer support and feedback

Where to Start

If your organisation is beginning its diversity and inclusion journey, our recommended starting point is to conduct a ‘Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic’. This is our assessment of your diversity challenges and opportunities, based on our data gathering, detailed analysis, and knowledge of international best practice.

Our diagnostic:

  • Identifies specific unconscious biases, assumptions and structural barriers that may inhibit diversity
  • Locates organisational demographic “hot spots” which may create a business risk
  • Informs the development of your diversity strategy and ensures it is targeted for maximum impact
  • Provides “quick wins” to accelerate your diversity progress as well as long-term, sustainable and systemic solutions

When undertaking a ‘Diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic’, we work with you to identify relevant sites, operations and staff for our research to ensure a comprehensive analysis is achieved. This work is conducted through interviews and focus groups. This is layered with surveys, policy reviews, and bench marking data to determine a clear picture of your opportunities.


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