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  • Dr Katie Spearritt and Diversity Partners celebrate 10 years working with organisations to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • Spearritt shares the seven key D&I takeaways she has observed while supporting cultural change in organisations

When Dr Katie Spearritt began her career in Public Affairs at BHP in the early ‘90s, she had no idea the job would be a catalyst for her whole career. “I was working in a department with the only senior woman in the company and it didn’t take long for me to notice a pattern to the path of becoming a senior executive,” Spearritt says. “Basically, you needed to attend Newcastle Boys High, study engineering, work at the steelworks, then transfer to Melbourne Head Office. So, I figured my chances of becoming a senior leader were next to nothing!” Now, Spearritt is not only a CEO, but founder of Diversity Partners, as well as the co-founder of the FW Academy. All without a certificate from Newcastle Boys High.

Dr Katie Spearritt

We’re for more diverse and inclusive cultures

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