It’s no secret most of us want to well at work, and find enjoyment in the work we do. We all like to feel a sense of belonging in our workplaces. Being treated fairly is just the beginning. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Some practices and behaviours lead to individuals and groups feeling marginalised or excluded. Sometimes this happens intentionally, but most often it’s unintentional. The upshot is these organisations not only miss out on getting the best available talent in the first place. They often lose good people, can be slow to innovate, and succumb to poor decision making processes. Performance, of individuals and the organisation, diminishes.

So, what can we do to create more inclusive workplace cultures? As businesses turn their attention to diverse new markets and customer personalisation strategies, how do we leverage the increasing diversity of talent and ideas in workplaces across Australia. This insight paper looks at four foundations for organisational progress, and how training in diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias provides a significant foundation for enabling everyone to achieve their professional potential.

The Four Foundations:

    Build a consistent understanding of what diversity and inclusion mean Lead by example and champion diversity and inclusion from the top Understand that change is systemic and requires a strategic approach Recognise barriers to diversity and inclusion are often hard-to-see and unintentional, but can be addressed through refreshing talent management processes and leadership development and training

We’re for more diverse and inclusive cultures

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