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  • Men are still paid more than women at every level of management, including executive levels
  • Research shows that employers can gain and retain female employees by offering flexible work arrangements, provide parental leave schemes of over 13 weeks and provide on-site childcare facilities
  • Employers can address gender inequity by establishing these practices in their businesses

Think that the gender pay gap is 16 percent? Think again. A new report released in March dives deep into the data underlying Australia’s narrowing gender pay gap. What it reveals about women in management doesn’t make for happy reading.

The causes of the gender pay gap are multiple and varied (for a refresher course on this go here). There’s out-and-out discrimination, sexual harassment, differential industry salaries, and the disadvantage that flows from having children, performing broader caring roles and domestic duties, which all contribute to the problem. A primary driver, however, is that women do the bulk of low paying, insecure work in our economy, while men are more likely to hold jobs at the top.

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